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Fuel hoses - remaining quantities on sale


Mineral oil hose TMSE


37.43 EUR 

Promotional price for linear meter VAT included


Internal DN: 76 mm

External DN: 89 mm

Application: Suction and delivery hose for filling and discharging tanks, petrol tankers and ships with unleaded fuels (EN 228:2008) with oxygen content limited according to EEC 85/536 and with an aromatic content of components 50% max.

Suitable for: industrial oils, diesel oils (EN 590:2010), fuel oils (DIN 51 603 parts 1 - 5) and mineral oil-based hydraulic oils. Vacuum resistance up to -0.9 bar

Tube: NBR, black, smooth, electrically conductive.
Reinforcement: Textile wrapped, zinc plated double steel wire helix (ID > 2 1/2" zinc plated steel wire helix), 2 crossed copper wires.
Cover: SBR/CR, black, abrasion and weather resistant, cloth impression.
Temperature range: -30°C to +90°C

Safety factor: 3 : 1



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phone: +359 888 803 800



TMH Tankmaster

Unleaded fuels hose TMH Tankmaster


17.18 EUR 

Promotional price for linear meter VAT included


Internal DN: 38 mm

External DN: 52 mm

Application: Suitable for fuel-oil tankers as a reel mounted hose for the delivery of unleaded fuels (EN 228:2008), diesel (EN 590:2010), kerosene and heating oils (DIN 51 603 parts 1 - 5).
Feature: This hose has been tested according to the technical regulations for combustible liquids (TRbF) 131/2:1992.
Notice: Available with red, non-conductive cover (NVC/ SBR) on request.
Tube: NBR, black, smooth, oil resistant, electrically conductive.
Reinforcement: Textile spiral construction, 2 crossed copper wires.
Cover: NBR/EPDM, black, smooth, ozone and oil resistant.
Temperature range: -30°С to +90°С 
Safety factor: 3:1 


For more info:
phone: +359 888 803 800