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Watter hoses on sale

Semperit ISF 10 | promotional

hose for industrial water


27.66 EUR

Promotional price for linear meter VAT included


Internal ∅ : 152 mm

External ∅: 161 mm

Type of the hose: SBR
Tube: SBR, black
Reinforcement: Textile wrapped.
Cover: SBR, black, cloth impression.
Temperature range: -35°C to +80°C
Applications: A lightweight rubber hose for service water. Can be rolled flat. Especially suitable as a discharge hose for submersible pumps as well as a water hose in industry, agriculture and in building industry.



Standard price: 62.57 EUR VAT included


For more info:

phone.: +359 888 803 800





Agro water hose IWSL


6.76 EUR 

Promotional price VAT included



Internal DN: 50 mm

External DN: 60 mm

Type of the hose: SBR
Tube: SBR, black, smooth 
Reinforcement: Textile braided
Cover: SBR, sleek black
Temperature range: -36°C tо +80°C
Applications: for water, air in the national economy and in the construction.



For more info:

phone: +359 888 803 800




Hose for industrial water IESD


11.12 EUR

Promotional price for linear meter VAT included


Internal ∅: 51 mm

External ∅: 60 mm

Type of the hose: EPDM
Tube: EPDM, black, smooth.
Reinforcement: Textile wrapped, zinc plated double steel wire helix (ID > 2 1/2" zinc plated steel wire helix).
Cover: EPDM, black, ozone and weather resistant, cloth impression.
Temperature range: -30°C to +95°C
Applications: Suction and delivery hose for heavy duty use for media such as waste water, sewage and service water. Multi-purpose hose for use in mining, industry, agriculture, gardening, etc.



For more info:

phone.: +359 888 803 800