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We know that there are more exciting things in life and work than buying a hose, but if you are employed in the industry - chemical, food processing, forestry and wood processing, pharmaceutical, etc. and you need a hose with a special application, we hold the best stocks and our trained and qualified staff is always available to help you choose the right hose for the application for which you need.

If you are in the field of timber or woodworking industry, then you need to remove small pieces sawdust after the treatment of the material. When processing wood is receiving a significant amount of waste wood products – shavings, filings, etc… In the initial processing of timber are obtained from 15% to 45% of waste products from the total quantity. The machines in the industry continue to become more efficient. Increasing requirements relating to the production standards also include higher standards for the auxiliary process as well - collecting and removing the waste wood.

Suction facilities for wood dust and small pieces have to meet the technical requirements and ensure smooth and safe operation of the entire facility. Inlet hoses for wooden particles are subject to extreme operating conditions during the process. Specially designed and optimized for these conditions are poliretanovite hoses. They have a special design of the hose designed to remove dust and wood shavings. Used for specially selected raw materials with improved stability when getting in contact with different types of wood and wood preservatives, as well as improved technical properties.

The polyurethane hoses for suction woody abrasive particles outperform PVC hoses considerably in terms of suction power of solid particles - tiny pebbles, sand, dust, wood particles and chip removal. Polyurethane combines the best conditions of plastic and rubber together. This ensures hardness and wear resistance (from 2.5 to 5 times higher than the rubber product and 3-4 fold higher from plasticised plastic), high values of strength and shrinkage. By nature polyurethane has good resistance to chemicals, UV light and ozone resistance. The polyurethane hose life has four to five times longer than vinyl hoses that are used for the same purposes.

There are two main categories of polyurethane: polyester and polyether based on polyurethane. Polyester urethane and polyether urethane are elastomers, which mean that they possess elastic properties. Polystyrene has greater resistance to shear and tear. Materials based on polyether show better properties at low temperature; exhibit a far greater hydrolytic resistance, especially in moist environment, resistance to fungi, mold and microbial growth. Greater flexibility of polyether-based polyurethane explains the higher price compared to polyester. Polyurethane hose developed for applications in the timber or woodworking industry remains flexible to -40°C and has 30% heavier skeleton compared with PVC hose, which is a good choice for home use and remains plastic to a temperature of -7°C. It has a smooth inner surface with low friction coefficient for better transport of the solid particles and reduces turbulence. The polyurethane hose is designed to be durable, with greater flexibility, abrasion resistant, resistant of microbes, while easy to clean and maintain and relatively long life.