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Returning of goods




Returning of goods


*      A RAMER GROUP LTD customer, who is not a trader within the meaning of the Commercial Law, having bought goods through the online shop, has the right, without owing compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to renounce the contract remotely concluded within seven working days under the Republic of Bulgaria legislation. In this case the Customer is only responsible for the direct costs of the products returning.
A product manufactured according to an individual order and dimensions is not returnable under art. 55, paragraph 2, section 3 of the Consumer Protection Law.

*      The customer is obliged to inform RAMER GROUP LTD of their intention to return purchased products through any means of written communication (e-mail, fax or other) within 7 working days after receipt of the goods. Return of goods purchased is made in accordance with the restriction of art. 55, paragraph 2, section 3 of the Consumer Protection Law.

*      A customer who notifies RAMER GROUP LTD that they will exercise their rights under art. 55 of the Consumer Protection Law, is responsible for returning of the goods within 10 days after filing the notice, otherwise we shall consider the request for returning as unreal and not producing any legal effect.

*      The customer must return the goods at their own expense, intact, fully assembled, along with all attendant documents without any external or internal defects, in the original manufacturer’s packaging, accompanied by the warranty card with the costs for returning of the goods being at their own expense. If the Customer fails to comply with the above mentioned conditions, RAMER GROUP LTD has the right to refuse the cancellation of the contract.

*      The customer is obliged to keep the goods he received, and ensure the preservation of their quality and safety.



Replacement of goods or money refund


*      If the goods delivered obviously do not correspond to the goods ordered for purchase and this can be proved by an ordinary review, the Customer may require replacing of the goods delivered with such corresponding to the ones they ordered for purchase within 24 hours of their receipt.

*      In case of replacement of goods with identical ones, the replacement will be made ​​according to the conditions and limitations of a regular order.

*      If a Customer returns a product, but RAMER GROUP LTD has no identical product available which to replace it with, RAMER GROUP LTD is obliged to pay the Customer the value of the product not later than thirty (30) days from the date of returning of the product by the Customer.

*      In case of a refund of the product value, this will be done ​​within 30 days after confirmation of return, by courier, paid by cash on delivery at Customer’s expense or into a bank account specified by the Customer.



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