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PočetakČlanciFittings system "kardan perrot"

Fittings system "kardan perrot"

Working method
Cardan nozzles are enduring quick couplings, which are used in the agriculture, irrigation, cleaning and construction.
Cardan systems (nozzle and couplings) have female (KMS) and male (KVS) part. The female part include thick SBR O-ring and lever system with two locks. This construction provides maximum sealing for pressure and vakuum applications. The male part is placed inside the female and the connection is made by the locking lever placed above the head of the male coupling.
The seal between the male and female parts allows the Cardan coupling to fit tightly and working with deflection up to 30o Cardan nozzles are resistant to shock and abrasion, which asures their long life. They are created for heavy duty.

1. Specially designed serrated hose shank for a perfect binding assembly using band clamps and safety clamps
2. Extra-thick wall for longer working life
3. Thick SBR o-ring seal for a guaranteed total seal in pressure and vacuum applications
4. Deflection up to 30° when closed (-15°/+15° axis)
5. Easy single handed closure