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PočetakČlanciDielectric matting and rugs

Dielectric matting and rugs

Dielectric (insulator) is a substance which poorly conducts or completely omits electricity. Dielectric tools are part of the electrical protection agents used by all working with electrical installations and equipment. These tools include dielectric gloves, boots, rugs, insulated pliers, voltage, portable grounding and others. Dielectric mattings and rugs (dielectric mats), isolate line voltage in the presence of high voltage. Place all the work places in Electrical discharge machining, to all panels and breakers, where there is a risk of electric shock. Serve as protection from "ground" for working people in areas with high voltage.
The dielectric items should cover a number of requirements, the more important are:


  • Dielectric items should be used only by persons trained for this; - Dielectric items are forbidden to be used outdoors in rain, fog, snow and frost
  • Dielectric items should be used at voltages up to the manufacturer's specifications and subject to the other instructions for their operation
  • After usage dielectric items should be cleaned, dried and stored in a dry place without direct contact with heaters and sunlight
  • During operation its in undergo periodic and unscheduled inspections and tests to assess the condition of competent authorities.

Periodic testing of the dielectric mats are made in terms stipulated by the manufacturer, and the extraordinary are carried out in display signs of failure after repair or replacement of parts.

Dielectric mats are used only in dry areas as an additional tool in electrical protection up to and over 1000 V (20 kV):


  • In switchgear, switchboards, distribution facilities in cages and cabinets
  • In complete distribution systems


Dielectric mattings and rugs must be stored at a temperature of 0-30°C without deformation and damage. They must be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heaters at least one meter. It is allowed be kept in in unheated rooms at a temperature of -25°C. After storage at temperatures below zero before use dielectric mat must be kept in a temperature of about 20-25°C for at least 24 hours.